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For 4000 years, precious metals (gold and silver) in the form of coins and bars have served as a means of exchange and payment. In all that time, they have not suffered any loss of material value or significance. Today, gold bars of fine gold serve as a financial investment, which can be easily traded. Above all, they are considered a crisis-proof store of value. Modern gold bars are stamped with the characteristics of weight in grams, fineness and the manufacturer. However, a nominal value is not mentioned, as it is common for gold coins and silver coins.

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Gold Bar Manufacturing: As embossed or cast bars

Smaller gold bars between 1g up to 100g are usually issued as mint bars. Larger bars, usually from 250g, are produced as cast bars. Some manufacturers also produce 100g bars already as cast bars. These bars have the typical concentric solidification rings on the upper side and somewhat coarser surfaces on the sides and bottom.

For smaller gold bars, blanks are punched from a gold sheet. The top and possibly also the bottom are then stamped. Minted bars from various manufacturers, including some gold bars from the Austrian Mint, are available as kinebars. In this case, a kinegram is applied to the back of the bars as a security feature.

For larger bars, manufacturers melt a precisely weighed amount of fine gold granules in a mold. The production costs of bars are lower than those of coins, which is why fine gold bars are usually cheaper than bullion coins.

Gold bar as a collectible

Rare and historic gold bars make the eyes of numismatists and bar collectors shine. High bids are regularly made at auctions for gold finds, for example from sunken ships. On the one hand, these collectible bars - most of which are unique - are very expensive, and on the other hand, it is often extremely difficult to determine their actual value.

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Gold Bar FAQs

The price of tradable gold bars is based on the price of gold. The production costs of bars are lower than those of coins, which is why fine gold bars are usually cheaper compared to bullion coins. However, lower prices are paid for bars from manufacturers without a good delivery certificate.

From movies we know mainly the Good-Delivery standard bars with a weight of 400oz, which is just under 12.5kg. These bars are used mainly by major banks and states. In contrast, investment gold bars in sizes ranging from 1g to 1kg are common as easily tradable LBMA bars. While smaller "mint" bars are minted similar to gold coins, larger bars - usually 250g and above - are produced as cast bars.

Reputable manufacturers whose gold bars are bought by almost all banks and precious metal dealers worldwide at reasonable prices can be found on the so-called "Good Delivery" list of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). These manufacturers are regularly audited independently and are repurchased by all banks worldwide.