Information about shipping when buying gold, silver and other precious metals through our online store.

Our packing

It is not apparent from the outside that this is precious metals in the package. Gold&Co. is not indicated as the sender's address.

Shipping zones

Currently we ship our goods to Austria, as well as to the following EU member countries:

Country Shipping zone Delivery time Costs
Austria Domestic 1-2 days see next infobox with shipping method Austria
Germany EU Zone 1 1-3 days 35,00 €
(+€ 4,- per 1kg bar)
Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary EU Zone 2 1-3 days 49,00 €
(+€ 4,- per 1kg bar)
Poland, Romania EU Zone 3 1-3 days 53,00 €
(+€ 4,- per 1kg bar)
Belgium, Netherlands EU Zone 4 1-3 days 57,00 €
(+€ 4,- per 1kg bar)
Croatia EU Zone 5 1-3 days 79,00 €
(+€ 4,- per 1kg bar)

We ship our goods exclusively as insured value EMS or by registered mail via FedEX as well as the Austrian Post. In Vienna, shipping via messenger service is also possible. All shipping costs include insurance, packaging and VAT.

Shipping method Austria Average delivery time (working days) Shipping costs Austria
Value EMS 1 day 28,70 €
(+€ 4,- per 1kg bar)
Registered package insured 1-2 days 13,90 €
(+€ 4,- per 1kg bar)
Messenger service (only in Vienna) 1 day 35,00 €
Contactless self pickup Immediately (note opening hours) 0,00 €

Shipping by value EMS & registered parcel is fully insured from our side. The shipping of silver is currently limited to max 4KG / package.

Notes on deliveries during the Covid-19 situation

Please note that due to the situation we currently only ship by value EMS or in Vienna on request by courier service. Alternatively, you can pick up your goods after ordering "contactless" in our branch in Vienna 1090.

Due to the current Corona situation, Austrian Post has switched to contactless delivery of items requiring documentation for the protection of ALL.
Items are placed in the mailbox after ringing and verbal information or left in front of your front door. You do not need to sign for it yourself.

More information: https: //

Of course, this means significantly less security in the handover protocol, as unauthorized taking of possession can only be insufficiently prevented. The handover is only recorded by the letter carrier's own signature.

Alternatively, shipping to a receiving box is also possible. If delivery is not possible, you will still receive the usual yellow notification. In order to exclude misuse, we will try to send you a dispatch notification on the day of dispatch if possible.

Do you have questions about shipping?

Contact us by phone at +43 1 / 23 50 222 or by e-mail at