Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic 1 Ounce 100 Euro

A piece of Austria and one of the most famous coins in the world

The Vienna Philharmonic coin is made of pure gold (999.9% gold content), but is also available in silver and platinum versions in addition to gold.
The Vienna Philharmonic is not only one of the most purchased coins, but also one of the most circulated gold coins in the world. You can buy and sell this coin worldwide at the current gold rate.

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Fine weight

Golden Vienna Philharmonic in 5 sizes

The gold coin is minted in five different sizes. You can get the Philharmonic regular in the size of 1/25 ounce (1.24 grams), up to 1/1 ounce (31.1 grams).

Since it is always traded close to the gold price, it is ideal as an investment coin, but is also very popular as a gift. Probably also because you can choose which coin - and thus which value - you want to give as a gift for a particular occasion. Because giving gold as a gift means giving lasting values.

The Vienna Philharmonic Coin - ideal for investors

When you buy the Vienna Philharmonic, you are investing money in gold. For hundreds of years, gold has proven to be a stable form of investment. We recommend that you invest 10-20% of your assets in gold over the long term because it offers its owner security and independence in economically difficult times. What exactly does this mean? Gold is particularly valuable when other forms of investment, especially paper assets such as the euro, lose value.

You can buy the Vienna Philharmonic in Austria and in most other countries of the world VAT-free. It is sold both in banks, directly at the Austrian Mint and of course at Gold & Co. The Philharmonic coins come in different vintages, but this is only an indication of the year of mintage. As a bullion coin, the material price is decisive for the value. Different vintages are irrelevant for the value of the gold Vienna Philharmonic, unlike collector coins. Also the minted nominal, the face value of the coins is far below the material value.

All Philharmonic coins, whether made of gold, silver or platinum, have always been adorned with the same motif designed by engraver Thomas Pesendorfer. On one side, some instruments of the famous Viennese orchestra are depicted: a horn, a bassoon, a harp, and in the center a cello flanked by a viola and a violin on the left and right, respectively. On the reverse side, the organ from the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein can be found again.

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