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Appraisal & Valuation
over 130 years experience

A free, non-binding and above all competent consultation is important to us. We at Gold&Co. are experts in precious metals such as gold, silver and Co. and are happy to advise you about:

- Purchase of gold and co. at prices above the daily rate
- Sale of coins and bars
- Exchange of jewelry into coins and bars

Valuation and purchase of jewelry, scrap gold & dental gold

Our goal is for you, the customer, to achieve the highest possible value for your jewelry in the sale. After thorough examination and appraisal, our experts will advise you in detail about the achievable sales value of your jewelry. We purchase the majority of our gold and silver jewelry ourselves. If we know that you can get a better value for a specific piece elsewhere, our experts will refer you to other dealers in Vienna. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Purchase & sale of coins and bars.

When selling coins and bars, Gold&Co. is your right partner. We evaluate and determine the value of your treasures at the up-to-the-minute precious metal rate in euros. Here, too, you can count on us for in-depth advice. In your collection we can recognize collector coins from all over the world and recommend you to a trustworthy numismatist. With some coins, you are better off selling them at the National Bank. Here, too, we can advise you in your best interest.

Investment gold and silver coins & bars advice

You want to invest in gold or silver? Here our experts are specially trained to recommend you a suitable denomination of gold coins, silver coins and gold bars. We have a broad knowledge of forecasts from various analysts and the effects of economic and political events on precious metal prices. We are happy to take the time to listen to your concerns and determine the best possible time or time interval for your investment.

Exchange jewelry in gold coins & bars

There are many reasons to sell jewelry, but gold is and remains a stable investment. Without taking a price risk, you can exchange your old jewelry for gold coins (e.g. Vienna Philharmonic coin), silver coins or gold bars. We will be happy to advise you on this as well.

Gold & Co. - Your expert in Vienna

Do you have any questions? Contact us or come by one of our branches without an appointment. If a visit to one of our branches in Vienna is not possible for you, you are also welcome to use our mail purchase service.