Gold coins purchase Vienna

What gold coins can you sell with us?
Basically, we buy all gold coins. Neither the country of origin, nor the condition of the coins plays a role. Among the classic Austrian gold coins that are gladly sold with us are, for example, ducats, crowns, guilders, Vienna Philharmonic or the 1000 Schilling Babenberger coin.

How is the value of a gold coin determined?

The value of the coin depends on the daily gold rate and the fineness of the coin. Many coins are made of 99.9% gold (fineness 999/1000). These include, for example, the Vienna Philharmonic, the Maple Leaf, the China Panda, the Mexican Libertad coin and the American Buffalo. Ducats, for example, are made of 98.6% gold, the Krugerrand is 91.67%, and the crown or guilder has a fine gold content of 90%.

Collector coins are an exception and can have a higher value, as they are coveted by collectors on the one hand and limited on the other.

Buying & Selling Prices of Popular Gold Coins

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Scrap gold calculator

With our scrap gold calculator you have the possibility to get a current price estimate for coins.

Sell collectible gold coins at Gold & Co. in Vienna

Since our expertise is mainly in jewelry and precious metals, we are also happy to have your coins, which we assume to have numismatic value, examined by our trusted numismatist for you. Although we do not have the expertise of experienced coin dealers or numismatists, we can distinguish between coins with potential numismatic value and more common coins.

So if your "gold treasure" includes historic coins with potential collector value, we will filter out the valuable ones and refer you to a trusted numismatic colleague.


You want to sell coins from gold & silver?

With us you can sell coins and other pieces of gold, but also items made of silver, platinum and palladium. And at top prices! We are also happy to advise you completely without obligation in one of our gold purchase branches in 1030, 1090 or 1220 Vienna, come by!