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Not every coin is suitable for investors

Coins that are made of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium, and also have a mintage number are called bullion coins. A classic bullion coin comes from a uniform minting series. Another term for bullion coins is "bullioncoins", which is derived from the English word "bullion" for "ingot".

Cost and value of a bullion coin

The cost of a bullion coin is composed as follows: First, the pure material value is calculated. To this is added a small surcharge that covers the cost of minting. Therefore, the price is always a bit higher than that of precious metal bars.

The value of the coin is based on the current market prices for the respective precious metal. The nominal value, which is always lower than the actual material value at the time of issue, guarantees that the coin comes from a nationally legitimate mint. This security is not available when purchasing medals.

Things to know about bullion coins or bullion coins

Bullion coins can theoretically be used as legal tender, but this is not common, because the face value is below the actual value of the coin. In the case of modern bullion coins, on the one hand you can find reprints of old curant coins and on the other hand coins with new motifs from the modern era.

For some coins, an annual change of motifs is common. Passionate collectors are happy about this, but from the investor's point of view, the change of motifs may also bring a disadvantage. Therefore, if you want to invest your money in coins, you should choose selected bullion coins.

Buy typical bullion coins

If you want to buy bullion coins for financial security, you usually go for coins whose motifs have remained unchanged since the first issue: Highly recommended are e.g. Vienna PhilharmonicDucats, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf or the American Eagle coins are highly recommended.

American Eagle | 1 Ounce | Gold Coin 2.260,90 

Recently, we have also noticed an increased demand for palladium coins. With 40,000 palladium coins minted, the Maple Leaf coin takes a leading role at the moment.

Silver Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf | 1 Ounce | Palladium Coin 1.120,70 

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