Dental gold purchase Vienna

Never leave your dental gold with the dentist after removal! It is worth cash money. With us you will receive a high purchase price for your dental gold. We offer you comprehensive advice on this subject and work 100% seriously. For example, you can read the weight of your gold from the scales at any time. If you have any questions about the purchase of dental gold Vienna, we are at your disposal.

Dental gold Dental gold

What do I get for my dental gold?

Dental gold 600
35,31  / g
Our purchase prices for dental gold alloys and other pieces of gold, silver and co. are based on the general gold price or silver rate.

Current rates for purchase and sale of specific pieces can be found on our price overview page.

Is the sale of dental gold worthwhile?

The gold price has reached a high level after years of upward trend. Therefore, the sale of your dental gold is worthwhile, because it is not certain that you can expect such high purchase prices in the future. Even the sale of smaller pieces of dental gold can be very lucrative for you.

How does the price come about when buying dental gold?

The purchase price depends on three criteria: In addition to the weight of the gold, its fineness, i.e. the karat number, is also included in the calculation. In addition, the purchase price is determined by the daily gold rate. For your information, we publish this under "Prices".

Can the dentist refuse to hand over the dental gold?

No! The dentist has the legal obligation to hand over your dental gold to you. Usually, this is done without any request on your part. However, there are some "black sheep" who earn extra money by selling their patients' gold. If your dentist "accidentally" forgets to hand over your dental gold, do not be afraid to demand your right. After all, you will receive a few hundred euros for a bridge or a gold tooth when you sell it.

Where to sell dental gold?

We at Gold & Co. buy dental gold with or without remains. You will receive the money immediately in cash. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about buying dental gold. We are also happy to advise you in our Goldankauf Wien branch in 1090, 1030 or 1220 Vienna, come by!