Selling jewelry in Vienna at Gold & Co.

Jewelry purchase Vienna - sell jewelry in Vienna

You want to sell jewelry and get high prices? Then you are right at Gold & Co. We are specialized in gold jewelry purchase and purchase of silver jewelry. No matter if you want to sell single pieces or a larger quantity: We always offer you prices above the current daily rate!

Jewelry from precious metals

With us you can sell all jewelry made of gold, but also items made of silver, platinum and palladium. And at top prices!

We buy old, no longer worn as well as damaged gold jewelry, as well as silver jewelry. This includes necklaces, rings, stud earrings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, etc. You can also come to us with jewelry that is studded with precious stones, pearls & Co.

In addition, we also buy all other scrap gold and broken gold: dental gold, gold and silver coins, and of course gold and silver bars of all manufacturers.

What do I get for my jewelry?

Gold 750 - 18 carat
46,05  / g
Gold 585 - 14 carat
36,08  / g
Our purchase prices for jewelry are based on weight, alloy and the current price of gold.

Scrap gold calculator

With our scrap gold calculator you have the possibility to get a first non-binding price estimate for your jewelry.

Why is it worth selling your jewelry at Gold & Co.

With Gold & Co. you therefore have a very competent partner at your side when selling your jewelry. Trust in an Austrian family business based in Vienna with 130 years of tradition. The founder of the company, Walter Hell-Höflinger, is a recognized expert in Austria for jewelry made of gold and silver as well as precious stones.

We know: Selling gold is a matter of trust. As a sign of our seriousness, we will, for example, weigh your ladies' jewelry before your eyes and, of course, allow you a free view of the display on our calibrated scales. We will also never pressure you into a sale. Instead, we will gladly take the time to answer your questions about the valuation process and explain to you in an understandable way how the purchase price we offer is made up.

In addition to comprehensive advice, our services also include a free valuation of your women's jewelry, which is completely non-binding for you. Furthermore, Gold & Co. purchase prices above the current daily rate.

You have old jewelry made of gold or silver to sell?

Come now for a personal, non-binding and serious consultation in one of our branches in Vienna 3, Vienna 9 or Vienna 22. Alternatively, you can use our purchase service by mail delivery from all over Austria.