585 gold: 14 carat jewelry

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As a material for jewelry production, pure gold is too soft. Instead, gold alloys are used. An alloy is a mixture of different metals that are melted together.

585 gold is the most widely used gold alloy for jewelry in the world. The fineness of 585‰ thousand parts corresponds to the value of 14 carats.

So a piece of jewelry with 14 carats consists of 58.5% pure gold, the rest consists of other precious metals, such as copper or silver, which are added to make the gold more dimensionally stable and scratch-resistant.

Check fineness: 585 gold = 14 carat

The fineness of gold jewelry is usually stamped in the form of a hallmark. Both the karat number, such as "14 kt." or, more rarely, "14k" or "14c," and the fineness in thousand parts, such as "585," can be stamped. Such a hallmark can be found on the inside of rings and usually on the clasp of necklaces or pendants.

To check the correctness of hallmarks, the acid test, also called the line test, is usually used when buying gold.

The piece of gold to be tested is rubbed on a touchstone, a slate, in such a way that a clear line remains. Different assay acids are now applied to this test line one after the other. Each alloy has its own test acid, which consists of a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid (aqua regia).

If the abrasion on the touchstone twists or discolors, the alloy is below the tested fineness; if the line remains unchanged under the influence of acid, the gold content corresponds to the respective karat activity.

Gold price 585 / gram: How much is 14 carat gold worth?

Current purchase price per gram for 585 scrap gold

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Our purchase prices for jewelry, gold, silver and co. are based on the current gold price.

The value of your pieces results from the fineness of your gold, the weight of your pieces in grams and just the general gold price.

Our prices for 585 gold jewelry

If you want to sell scrap gold from color gold alloys, you will usually get the identical price for 14 carat white gold or red gold as for 14 carat yellow gold. The 585 gold price is identical for all these alloys.

The relevant factor in gold purchasing is the proportion of gold contained - the fineness - and this is the same for 14-carat yellow gold as for 14-carat red or white gold, namely 58.5%. The difference in color is only due to the mixture of different by-metals (alloy).

Purchase of 585 gold at Gold&Co.

With us you can sell all pieces of gold, but also items made of silver, platinum and palladium.

1. free evaluation of all your pieces

No matter if you come with a single ring or several pieces of jewelry to one of our stores in 1090, 1030 or 1220 Vienna: We evaluate both your gold and your silver free of charge and completely without obligation. If you want to sell your valuables, you will receive the money immediately in cash.

2. close examination of experts

Your pieces are tested individually

We check each piece individually and determine how many carats they have. The higher the fineness, the higher the value of your pieces. In Austria, jewelry is mostly made of 585 gold, which is an alloy with 58.5% pure gold. In Italy and the Balkans, on the other hand, it is more common to find jewelry that is made of 18 karat gold, which is a 750 alloy.

If you want to sell different pieces, your parts will be separated individually by carat or fineness. We also check jewelry made of silver, palladium and platinum and pieces with diamonds or diamonds when buying.

3. comprehensive personal consultation

We take time for you and explain step by step the process of buying gold in Vienna. We are happy to answer all your questions about your pieces. A good consultation is a special concern for us!

4. 100% transparency

With us, you are present when weighing their pieces and can see the scales. Anything else would be unserious.

5. best prices at gold buying in vienna

In addition to free and accurate valuation and detailed advice, we offer top prices for your pieces. You can find all current purchase prices on our price overview page on Gold&Co.

You can not come to us in Vienna to one of our branches? For such cases there is the Gold&Co. gold purchase from all over Austria by mail. Send us your gold, we estimate your pieces free of charge and without obligation and make you a fair offer. If you accept our offer you will get your money immediately - if not we will send your gold back to you free of charge.

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