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Argor-Heraeus is probably the most renowned Swiss precious metal processor. The company is best known as a manufacturer of gold bars. The quality of the gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars meets the highest international standards, the bars are LBMA certified, which makes the bars tradable worldwide without any restrictions.

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Argor-Heraeus gold bars

In addition to classic minting bars and cast bars, Argor-Heraeus also produces kine bars, coin bars, coins and medals. In addition to gold, bars are also made of silver, platinum and palladium.

At Gold&Co you can buy or sell Argor-Heraeus gold bars in sizes from 1 gram. Of course, we also buy Argor cast and minted bars with the "old" ASA logo.

Our prices for the Good-Delivery bars from Argor-Heraeus are close to the gold price.

Argor-Heraeus has been an official member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) since 1961. As one of five reference manufacturers, Argor-Heraeus manufactures all its products in good-delivery quality.

Argor-Heraeus precious metal bars are among the most traded investment bars ever. In addition to its own bars, Argor-Heraeus also produces licensed and promotional bars for banks and mints. The origin of such "motif bars" can be recognized by the Melter & Assayer stamp "AH". Among others, the gold bars of the Austrian Mint come from Argor-Heraeus.
So if you notice a similarity between Argor Hereaus bars and Austrian Mint bars, you are right - as a former subsidiary of the Austrian Mint, all Austrian Mint bars are manufactured by AH to this day. Special note on this: on the back of the blister, on the certificate, you can find the signature of the examiner of the Swiss Hallmark Office, who controls and guarantees the production processes and purity.


Argor-Heraeus is also the only refinery in the world that produces Kinebar gold bars. A kinegram is applied to the back of the gold bar by laser as an additional security feature. By tilting the bar, there is thus a hologram-like optical effect.

The technology is proprietary, so kine bars are only available from Argor-Heraeus itself and from selected licensees.

History of Argor-Heraeus

Argor was founded in 1951 in the Swiss canton of Ticino as a refinery, before the joint venture Argor-Heraeus SA was formed in the 1980s through the participation of the German conglomerate Heraeus and the major bank UBS. The German Commerzbank and the Austrian Mint also acquired stakes in the company in the meantime. Today, Argor-Heraus belongs entirely to Heraeus Precious Metals of the German Heraeus Group.

Gold & Co is official partner

As an official partner of Argor-Heraeus you can buy and sell Argor-Heraeus gold bars at Gold & Co. Just drop by one of our branches in Vienna or contact us directly!