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Many coins and bars can be bought tax free in Austria

In Austria and the European Union, gold coins and bars are exempt from VAT, provided that certain legal requirements are met.
In other cases, a reduced tax rate of 10% or the usual taxation of 20% applies.

Gold bars tax free

Gold bullion is tax exempt if it meets the following two criteria:

  • They have a weight accepted on the gold market
  • Its fineness is at least 99.5%.

Gold coins tax free

Gold coins are exempt from VAT if they meet the following four criteria:

  • They must have a fineness of at least 90
  • They must have been minted after the year 1800
  • In their country of origin, they must be, or have been in the past, valid as a means of payment
  • The selling price of the coins may not exceed 80% of the market value of their gold content

Thus, investment gold coins, such as. Vienna Philharmonic, Maple Leaf, or Krugerrand, are exempt from tax. The same applies to the Austrian trade gold coins such as ducats, crowns and guilders. Furthermore, no taxes are levied on the 1999 gold issues d. s. 500-shilling gold "Johann Strauss" and 1000-shilling gold "Kaiser Karl".

Coins & medals: Reduced tax rate of 10%

This reduced taxation is applied to coins and medals if their selling price excluding VAT is more than 250% of the pure material value. The metal value is determined taking into account the fine weight. Collector's items and antiques over 100 years old that meet this requirement are also subject to 10% VAT. Collector's items are coins that are not or were not legal tender and coins that are of interest to numismatists.

When does the standard tax rate of 20% apply?

For all other coins, the standard tax rate of 20% applies. This includes gold coins minted before 1800 and coins where the selling price is more than 80% and less than 250% (excluding VAT) of the gold market price. Special commemorative coins - for example, the Millennium series, Mozart and Habsburg - are particularly worthy of mention here. Collectibles and antiques are also affected by the 20% tax rate if they do not meet the conditions for the reduced tax rate. Furthermore, the standard tax rate applies to unprocessed gold.

Buy gold tax free

Invest your money - at least partially - in gold. For small investors, an investment in gold is less risky than other financial investments such as shares or funds. Because gold retains its value!

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