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Crowns were the successor currency of the guilder and were minted in Austria between 1892 and 1916. The 10 and 20 crown gold coins are very suitable as bullion coins. With a content of 90% gold and the Emperor Franz Joseph I as a motif, the gold crowns enjoy a high profile and acceptance in Austria.

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Former currency of Austria

At the time of the currency reform in 1892, a gold currency was introduced in Austria for the first time. The unit of account of the new currency was gold, although the crown coin was initially made of silver.

At the time of the currency reform, only two coin sizes were initially planned as the successor currency to the guilder: However, the 10 crown coin was only minted from 1892 to 1912, while the 20 crown coin was produced for three years longer. On the occasion of the imperial government's anniversary, another coin size was introduced in 1908: the 100 crown piece was produced until 1915. Due to hyperinflation, the gold crown fell victim to currency reform in 1924 and was replaced by the silver shilling.

Re-stampings of the crown as bullion coins

The mint "Austrian Mint" has produced replicas of the crown - so-called "trade gold coins" - which are issued for a small premium on the current gold price and are ideal as gold investment coins.

One side of the coin features the portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I (1848 - 1916), while the second side is adorned with the Austrian national coat of arms, next to which is the denomination on the side. The smooth edge features an inscription. To harden the gold, copper was used as an alloying metal.

The 10-crown piece was minted from 1912 - 1992, the 20-crown coin until 1989, and the 100-crown specimen until 1988, with the latter indicating 1915 as the year of minting.

Edition strength of the restrikes

The mintage of the individual coins varied greatly from year to year: while the 10 kroner coin reached a peak in 1967 with 277,347 pieces, only 102 were put on the market in 1984. After only six 20 kroner coins were produced in 1954, the figure was 364,730 14 years later.

The 100 crown coin reached a record mintage of more than 2 million in 1974, but in the last years of mintage, 1985 and 1988, the mintage was only 50 pieces per year.

The prices in euros for crowns are highly variable. Re-stampings of 10 kroner coins are available from around 100 euros, while original mintings of 100 kroner coins are worth 3,000 euros or more as genuine collector's items.

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