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Guilder - The currency of the 19th century

The florin, which served as the currency in Austria in the 19th century, was minted in silver. Only the "Vereinskronen", which were issued from 1858 to 1866, were made of gold. The gold florins traded today as bullion coins are "trade gold coins" restrikes with the value of 4 or 8 florins.

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Origin of the guilder

In 1865, the Latin Union was founded. The countries France, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy agreed to coordinate in the future regarding the value, weight as well as size of coins, so that the coins could be used as currency in all member states of the Union. Austria was also given the option to join in 1867, but then failed to achieve the monetary ratios required for entry.

Nevertheless, the florin coins minted from 1870 onward were based on the gold coins of the Latin Union in all parameters:
The 8-guilder coin was equivalent to 8 florins or 20 francs, and the 4-guilder coin had the value of 4 florins or 10 francs. In 1892, the guilder currency was then replaced by the Austrian crown.

Re-mintings of the guilder as a bullion coin

The mint "Austrian Mint" has issued restrikes of the historical guilder - so-called "trade gold coins". With these gold bullion coins you have to pay a small premium in addition to the current gold price.

The coins have a fineness of 900 and bear the year 1892 as the minting date, i.e. the last year in which the guilder was still officially minted. The motifs are similar to those of the historical guilder. Only the denomination is given in both francs and florins on the restrikes. The obverse depicts Emperor Franz Joseph I (1848-1916), the reverse shows the coat of arms of Austria and below that the minting date. The smooth edge is inscribed with an inscription. Copper serves as the alloy metal for hardening.

Layer thickness

Compared to the ducats, the number of issues of guilder coins per year was significantly lower. The 4 guilder coin reached its peak in 1977 with 211,343 pieces, while the record for the 8 guilder coin was 336,719 pieces in 1968. In most other years, there was no mintage at all or only a very limited one. In 1988, the last 500 copies of the 8-guilder coin appeared, and the mintage of the 4-guilder piece was discontinued in 1999.

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