Euro gold coins from Austria

Austrian euro gold coins of 50 and 100 euros are issued annually.

With their mintings, the commemorative coins pick up on historical moments in Austria's history. The collector coins are limited in number to 50,000 or 30,000 pieces (usually from 2012).

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Popular collector coins since 2002

With the introduction of the euro more than a decade ago, many new coins have been created through special mintings and collector coins. On November 20, 1998, Austria's very first euro coin was minted. The special feature of this coin is that the denomination is found on both the common and the national side. In addition, all coins minted between 1998 and 2002 are marked with the year 2002.

100 Euro Gold Coins from Austria - The Series

The "Art Treasures of Austria" series, which had already begun in 2000 with the 1000 shilling coin "Heidentor" and then in 2001 with the 1000 shilling coin "Buchmalerei", was completed with the first two 100 euro gold coins "Bildhauerei" and "Malerei". Finally, with the series "The Viennese Art Nouveau", the first complete 100 euro coin series in gold followed in 2004-2007. Finally, with the 100 euro coin "The Crown of the Holy Roman Empire", the first coin of the series "The Crowns of the Habsburgs" appeared in 2008, followed by four more mintages. Finally, since 2013, the six-part series "On the Trail of Our Wildlife" has been dedicated to the domestic wealth of species of wild animals and their habitats. Published so far: Red deer, wild boar, capercaillie, fox.

50 Euro Gold Coins from Austria - The Series

The 50 euro gold coins of the Austrian Mint also continued in 2002 (Orders and the World) and 2003 (Charity) the series "2000 Years of Christianity", which had already appeared with a face value of 500 shillings. Finally, in 2004-2006, the gold coins with a face value of 50 euros paid tribute to "Great Composers", thus creating a numismatic monument to Hadyn, Beethoven and Mozart. The Austrian Mint dedicated the next four issues of the 50 euro coin to Austria's great physicians: van Swieten, Semmelweis, Billroth and von Pirquet, before celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Johaneum in Graz with a gold coin with a face value of 50 euros in 2011. From 2012 to 2016, the focus was placed on Gustav Klimt's oeuvre in the "Klimt and his Women" series, each of whose issues features a famous portrait of a woman by Klimt. All five coins in the series together make up the name K-L-I-M-T. With the 50 euro gold coin "Sigmund Freud" began now 2017 of the series "Viennese schools of psychotherapy".


Euro gold coins with special value - For investors and collectors

Gold, like other precious metals, has stood for secure value retention for centuries. Especially in times when other financial investments do not inspire confidence, this stability of value is highly appreciated. Besides gold and silver bars, gold coins are among the most popular forms of investment. Through year mintings with a limited number of pieces, coins made of gold can gain additional value.
The collection of all vintages is interesting for real collectors and ensures higher prices when selling. With us as specialists for the purchase and sale of precious metals, the Austrian Euro gold coin takes a weighty role. We will be happy to advise you on the purchase and sale of the exceptional vintage coins.

Overview of current euro gold coins from Austria

50 Euro gold coins

Coin Vintage Fineness Weight
Orders and the world 2002 986 10,00 g
Charity 2003 986 10,00 g
Joseph Haydn 2004 986 10,00 g
Ludwig van Beethoven 2005 986 10,00 g
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 2006 986 10,00 g
Gerald van Swieten 2007 986 10,00 g
Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis 2008 986 10,00 g
Theodor Billroth 2009 986 10,00 g
Clemens von Pirquet 2010 986 10,00 g
200 years of Joanneum in Graz 2011 986 10,00 g
Adele Bloch-Bauer 2012 986 10,00 g
The expectation 2013 986 10,00 g
Judith II 2014 986 10,00 g
Medicine 2015 986 10,00 g
The kiss 2016 986 10,00 g
Sigmund Freud 2017 986 10,00 g
Alfred Adler 2018 986 10,00 g
Viktor Frankl 2019 986 10,00 g
At the highest peak 2020 986 10,00 g
In the deepest forest 2021 986 10,00 g
At the wild water 2022 986 10,00 g

100 Euro Gold Coins

Coin Vintage
Fineness Weight
Sculpture 2002 986 16,00 g
Painting 2003 986 16,00 g
Vienna Secession 2004 986 16,00 g
Church at the stone yard 2005 986 16,00 g
Vienna River Portal 2006 986 16,00 g
Left Wienzeile No. 38 2007 986 16,00 g
The crown of the Holy Roman Empire 2008 986 16,00 g
The Austrian Archduke hat 2009 986 16,00 g
St. Stephen crown of Hungary 2010 986 16,00 g
The crown of Wenceslas Bohemia 2011 986 16,00 g
The Austrian Imperial Crown 2012 986 16,00 g
The red deer 2013 986 16,00 g
The wild boar 2014 986 16,00 g
The capercaillie 2015 986 16,00 g
The fox 2016 986 16,00 g
The ibex 2017 986 16,00 g
The mallard duck 2018 986 16,00 g
The gold of Mesopotamia 2019 986 15,78 g
The gold of the pharaohs 2020 986 15,78 g
The gold treasure of the Incas 2021 986 15,78 g

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