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A classic gold among the Schilling coins.

In 1924, the Schilling became the official currency in Austria, which was true until it was replaced by the Euro in 2002. Even today, many citizens think back fondly to the Schilling and have the opportunity to bring back the traditional currency as a gold coin of the 1st and 2nd Republic.

As a commemorative coin in the value of 500 or 1000 Schilling, the former Austrian currency becomes a special collector coin, which is also a safe investment.

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Enjoy Austria's tradition with the shilling in gold

In Austria there is a high minting tradition not only since the production of the Euro gold coins as year coins. Ducats, guilders and crowns were already produced in imperial times. Equally rich in tradition is the Austrian shilling in gold. In the first republic shilling coins were minted at the nominal value of 25 as well as 100 shillings.

The first shilling coin of the Second Republic represents the 1000 Babenberg shilling. Unfortunately, only a few of these coins have real collector value. The few that exist must be in a very high state of preservation.

Nominal value Weight Alloy Gold Dimensions Mint years

25 shillings
5,881g 900 5,292g 21×1,2mm 1926-1938

100 shillings
23,524g 900 21,17g 33.2×1.9mm 1926-1938

1000 shilling Babenberg
13,5g 900 12,15g 27×1,6mm 1976

500 shilling commemorative coin
8,1136g 986 8,0g 22mm 1991-1999
10,142g 986 10,0g 22mm 2000-2001

1000 shillings
Commemorative coin
16,227g 986 16,00g 30mm 1991-2001
16,97g 916 15,55g 28mm 1995 Olympia

200-2000 shillings

Vienna Philharmonic


Use the shilling as an investment

If you are thinking about buying gold or silver coins and want to bring a piece of Austrian history into your home with the shilling in gold, we will be happy to assist you in our branches in Vienna. Or you can buy the gold coins directly here in our online store with just one click. Schilling gold coins belong to the bullion coins, similar to Vienna Philharmonic coin and the crowns and ducats gold coins.


Shilling gold coins for sale

If you want to sell coins such as 25 Schilling or 100 Schilling gold coins, you are welcome to do so at any time in one of our branches in Vienna or conveniently from home by mail. Ask if you want to know how much your Schilling gold coins are worth or use our purchase form.