Why should I buy gold?

Why should I buy gold? © Own image

Investing money in gold makes sense at the moment.

Do you fear for your savings in view of the turmoil in the financial sector and the euro crisis? Do you want to prevent the fruits of your labor from being lost? Then we advise you to invest part of your money in gold.

We answer the question "to buy gold or not?" with a "yes" to gold as an investment. Together with leading experts, I recommend that you own about 10 - 20 percent of your investment assets in gold. Because: Buying gold means investing money safely.

Gold has retained its value for thousands of years

Gold has been used as a means of payment for thousands of years and has proven to be very stable in value over all these years, in Austria most recently during the inflation in the 1920s as well as the currency reform in 1947. It is not for nothing that all central banks accumulate large gold stocks to safeguard their currencies. Even if gold is stored unused for decades, it remains completely unaffected by inflation risks. There is also no risk of loss of value due to rust.

Buy gold in the form of coins or bars

If you are in possession of gold such as Vienna Philharmonic, ducats or bars, you yourself know the exact amount of your possession and can sell it at any time without the participation of third parties (at the current edemetal prices). In the case of paper money, your counterpart must recognize the respective value of the bill, since the printed paper in itself has no intrinsic value. In addition, due to inflation and low interest rates on savings, the money becomes worth less and less each year.

Gold exists only in limited quantity

Every child knows that you can't spin straw into gold. In the past, despite the greatest efforts, no alchemist succeeded in producing artificial gold in the laboratory. The amount of gold available on the entire globe is therefore very limited. If you were to collect all the gold bars, all the jewelry and all the art objects made of gold from all over the world, the result would be a cube with a side length of just 20.5 meters. Unlike paper money, the central banks have no possibility to throw gold onto the market in any mass. This limited availability is also the actual reason for the value stability of the precious metal.

High value density

Since gold is very "valuable", even small amounts of it are enough to outweigh a large amount of money with it. With a handful of gold you could buy a car or even an apartment.

Invest your assets wisely and securely.

By owning gold, you are on the safe side in the event of a national bankruptcy, hyperinflation or currency reform! You should make sure to buy physical gold - i.e. coins or gold bars. I advise you not to buy certificates or similar, because you as a customer can never be sure whether gold is actually deposited in sufficient quantities.

You can find out more about this and why not all gold is the same in the article "Investing money properly in gold". If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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