3 Euro animal thaler collector coins

The Austrian Mint issued a series of collector coins with animal motif from October 2016. This 3 euro animal thaler made of copper appeared quarterly from October 2016 to 2019 in an edition of 50,000 pieces each. The special feature of these 3 euro coins: The animal motif is highlighted in color and glows in the dark after.

3 Euro animal thaler (12)

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The animal thaler coins: The inexpensive entry-level product!

The 3-Euro animal thalers of the Austrian Mint are ideal for beginners and small investors. Due to the high existing demand, one can expect a price increase in the future.

While the motif side of the 3 euro coins is dedicated to a different animal in each issue, on the value side of the collector coin all the animals of the coin series are represented together in silhouette. The special feature, however, is that the main motif of the coins shimmers mysteriously in the dark.

In the meantime, all issues of this series have been published:

Bat - Tiger - Crocodile - Kingfisher - Wolf - Parrot - Shark - Owl - Frog - Turtle - Otter - Crayfish

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