Investment gold: Better bars or coins?

Investment gold: Better bars or coins? © Own image

The question of whether gold bars or gold coins are better suited for investment cannot be answered so simply across the board. Not every denomination is equally interesting for everyone, and the cheapest price is not always the most favorable for you.

Which specific gold products make sense in which denomination always depends on the individual situation of the buyer: How much money is to be invested? What part of the assets should be invested in gold and precious metals? How do you assess your own future situation? ...

Denomination decisive

Basically, the smaller the denomination, the higher the cost of buying the gold. After all, the cost of producing a 1/10 ounce coin hardly differs from that of a 1/1 ounce coin. Proportionally to the material value, the percentage costs are thus naturally higher for small pieces.

Therefore, it is always cheaper to buy one 1/1 ounce coin instead of ten 1/10 ounce coins.

However, smaller denominations have the advantage that you also have to sell individual pieces of your gold if necessary. Just as much as you acutely need. If, on the other hand, you have only one larger gold bar, it is difficult to divide it.

Gold bars or gold coins? Which is better?

Gold bars are usually easier to produce than coins, so the premium for bars is usually also lower than for coins. If you want to buy 1 ounce of gold, it is therefore always cheaper to buy a gold bar than a coin.

Because additionally the denomination is relevant and gold bars are available in larger units, it is certainly worthwhile to invest in bars from a certain investment sum.

In terms of tradability, common bullion coins(Vienna Philharmonic, Maple Leaf, ...) and good gold bars, on the other hand, have nothing in common.

Good bullion at this point means globally bankable bars. These are bars from manufacturers who are members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery list and also produce the standard 400oz bars for bank trading.

All gold bars that you can buy at Gold & Co are made by manufacturers with LBMA certificate. Specifically, these are gold bars of the Austrian Mint and bars of the Swiss refinery Argor-Heraeus (AH also produces the bars of the MÖ) and bars of the German Affinierie C.Hafner.

Bars from manufacturers without LBMA certificates are often not bought at all by banks and only at high discounts by precious metal dealers.

Safe gold bars

Buying gold bars LMBA certified manufacturers, you not only get the assurance of buying a high-quality bar, but also counterfeiting of these products are much heavier and occur less often.

Argor-Heraeus, for example, is the only affinerie in the world to issue "Kinebars," gold bars that have an additional security feature thanks to an applied kinegram. C.Hafner's gold bars, in turn, are issued in special "CertiCard" packaging with an integrated certificate that is difficult to forge.

For this purpose, C.Hafner ingots are provided with a unique surface structure, which makes any unnoticed, subsequent manipulation impossible.

More advice, because not all gold is the same

Would you like to secure part of your assets with gold? Come to one of our branches now for a personal, non-binding and serious consultation.

In a personal conversation we get a picture of your motives to invest in gold. Based on this, we work together to develop a denomination that is tailored to you personally, from the metals that are most suitable for you.

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