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Buy gold – a traditionally secure monetary investment

Investment in gold has gained considerable significance in recent years. More and more people across Austria and Europe are becoming concerned about the value of their assets and are seeking security, which many of the current and risky financial products can no longer guarantee. With gold, you are investing in a genuine classic, which has been valued as a solid investment for many centuries, gradually gaining in value. Buying gold is recommended in all its established forms, such as bars or coins, and reassures you of preserving your existing assets in the years and decades to come – we are happy to help you with this here at Gold & Co. Just visit our gold purchasing and selling branch.

Why it is so worthwhile to buy gold

Wiener Philharmoniker Münzen gibt es in 4 GrößenGold, like silver and other precious metals, is limited in its quantity as a raw material; there’s no need to fear a loss in value as you would in reprinting banknotes. Although gold is subject to market trends, as is the case with other investment opportunities, this precious metal has nevertheless experienced a continuous increase in value over the past decades and centuries. Gold is therefore ideal for a long-term investment and will help preserve your monetary / assets for the future. If you wish to spread your monetary investment intelligently across various forms and find a balance between security and risk, then investing in a basic gold share is the ideal choice for securing your existing capital. We recommend investing 10 to 20 percent of your assets in gold.

In which form is gold especially worthwhile investing?

anlagegold barren muenzenIn principle, gold bars and gold coins are equally suitable for investing in gold. Famous examples such as the Vienna Philharmonic coin or ducats are just as good as classic bars and coins, which you can store privately or in the care of your dealer. It is crucial to be able to rely on an experienced dealer when buying gold, who is capable of providing you reputable information about gold prices and those of other precious metals and will also be the right partner for selling your gold coins or bars in Austria. As an experienced gold dealer in Vienna, we are happy to assist you with our expertise and sell you bars and coins at an attractive price.

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Mag. Maria und Mag. Walter Hell-HöflingerAs an experienced dealer in Vienna, we will be pleased to help you with anything you wish to know about precious metals. Feel free to contact us online. Or visit us at one of our branches in Vienna if you want to buy gold bars or coins. In doing so, you will also benefit from our friendly and personal service. Other precious metals such as platinum, palladium or silver coins have also gained importance in recent years when investing money; gold, nevertheless, remains the absolute classic choice and can also contribute to the targeted preservation of your assets with our help. Simply get in contact with us at Gold & Co. – your reliable contact partner for the selling and buying of gold bars and coins in Vienna and throughout Austria.

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