1 gram of gold - What is my gold jewelry worth?

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Maybe you have already thought about selling unworn or unloved gold jewelry. Often it is jewelry that you have inherited. Whether you get a nice sum - especially in times of high gold prices - you can easily estimate yourself!

Gold price Euro - How to determine the value of gold jewelry yourself.

First, you should go in search of the gold stamp, the so-called "hallmark". The hallmark can be found on the inside of rings and mostly on the clasp of necklaces. Each country has its own hallmark for each precious metal (gold, platinum, silver). Earrings or ear studs show the hallmark on the ear nut. On watches, the hallmark is also found on the inside. This hallmark indicates the actual gold content (carat) of your jewelry. The larger this value is, the more gold is in your jewelry and you will also receive a higher purchase price.

For example, the hallmark "585" means that this piece of jewelry consists of 58.8% pure gold (=14 carats). "750″ in turn are necklaces, rings and co. with 75 percent gold content or 18 carats.

The weight and the current price of gold are also decisive

In addition to the fineness, the weight is crucial. You can easily determine this with your digital kitchen scale: With this you weigh your pieces, whereby you must expect a deviation of up to 1 gram. Then inform yourself about the current gold prices per gram on the homepage of Gold & Co.

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How is the value of (gold) jewelry calculated? A simple example helps!

Broken gold/old gold: 10 grams
Price/gram - 14 carat: 25 euro

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Let's say your ring or chain weighs 10 grams and is made of 585 gold, which is 14 karat. On our website you will learn that the gold price for 14 carat gold, for example, is 25 euros per gram. This means that for 1 gram of 14 carat you will get 25 euros. Therefore, you can expect a purchase price of about 250, - depending on the current gold rate and how accurate your scale works.

Calculation: 10 gram * 25 Euro/gram = 250 Euro

By the way, it makes no difference whether you sell yellow gold or colored gold (white gold, red gold,...), as long as both pieces of jewelry have the same karat number. The difference in color is due to the mixture of the admixture metal (alloy).

How much do you get for jewelry with gemstones?

If your gold jewelry contains precious stones, the valuation depends on their type, size and condition, i.e. whether they are damaged by scratches, for example. For this you need an expert. We at Gold & Co. will appraise your jewelry on request and completely free of charge.

Conclusion & recommendation

"What is my gold worth" is quickly answered: The price for your pieces is calculated depending on the fineness (stamp / hallmark = carat number), weight and the current gold rate. You want to sell your jewelry and still stay with an investment in gold? Then it is advisable to sell the gold jewelry and exchange it for investment gold, for example gold coins or gold bars. First, jewelry is not an investment and second, you keep your values in gold.

Sell gold and silver from all over Austria

We not only buy gold & silver in our branches in Vienna, but are also interested in your precious metal pieces if you can not or do not want to come to us yourself. The experts of Gold & Co. are happy to evaluate your gold, silver and Co. in the context of a home visit to you in familiar surroundings and if you want to buy.

Alternatively, you are welcome to use our postal shipping service. Simply send us your pieces by mail, we will value your precious metal free of charge and without obligation and make you a fair offer. If you accept our offer, you will receive your money immediately - if not, we will send your gold back to you free of charge.

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