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What you should keep in mind when evaluating

Small fortunes lie dormant in many households. You can have the actual value of your gold and silver jewelry or inherited jewelry, for example, determined by a specialist. But how does the valuation of jewelry and the like work?

Have your jewelry appraised - How Gold & Co values your jewelry

In the first step, an abrasion of the individual pieces is made on a touchstone. This is necessary in order to determine the exact carat number or gold content as part of the jewelry appraisal with the help of a special test acid, which is spread over the abrasion. The gold test by means of test acid is the safest and most meaningful test. In addition, there is a density measurement as well as a spectral analysis.

Once the exact fineness is known, the jewelry is separated by carat and weighed to the gram. To guarantee a flawless result, Gold & Co. uses only state-calibrated scales.

Caution: A
direct view of the scales should be just as self-evident as when weighing the sausage in the delicatessen department. After all, you want to know how much your pieces weigh, right? The higher the weight, the higher the price.

Calculation of the purchase price

Following the valuation of your jewelry and weighing, the purchase price is calculated. The price is based on the carat number (fineness), the weight and the current daily rate(at the purchase prices).

The entire evaluation should be free of charge and without obligation, anything else would be unserious.

When you have your valuables valued by Gold & Co., you do not enter into any obligation to sell them. Of course, you are free to ask for further offers. You can also see more about this in our video.

What does Gold & Co buy?

Basically, we buy all items or jewelry made of precious metals such as gold and silver, for example gold jewelry, dental gold, gold coins and bars, scrap gold and broken gold, table and broken silver, silver bars and coins, platinum and palladium. To give you an initial idea of the value of your precious metal, we also publish the current precious metal prices on our website

Free jewelry appraisal for the preparation of expert opinions

You are also welcome to have your jewelry appraised by us free of charge in the case of inheritance, probate or bequests. Especially for notaries or appraisers, a second opinion in the valuation of bequeathed jewelry, for expert opinions, is necessary. We are happy to assist you at any time.

Whether for private or professional purposes - if you want to have your jewelry appraised, you are welcome to do so with us free of charge and without obligation. Contact us or come by one of our Vienna branches.

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