Gold rings for sale at Gold&Co. in Vienna

Do you have gold rings in your jewelry box that you never wear? Maybe because they are too big or too small for you or have no emotional value for you? You want to part with your old wedding ring after a divorce or separation? Then simply turn these gold rings into money! You can have your jewelry valued by the experts at Gold & Co. In addition, we offer you fair purchase prices!

What are my gold rings worth?

Two things are crucial for determining the value of rings made of gold, silver or platinum: the alloy (carat) and the weight. The age or style of your rings are not important in determining the value of the material.

To get a rough idea of what your rings are worth before you go to the gold dealer, you can start looking at them at home. If your rings have a hallmark, such as 585 or 750, this stamp represents the actual gold content. With this information, the weight of your gold ring, and the current price of gold, you can calculate approximately what to expect.

What do I get for my rings?

Gold 585 - 14 carat
30,24  / g
Gold 750 - 18 carat
38,59  / g
Our purchase prices for rings made of gold, silver or platinum are based on the general precious metal rates. All current rates for purchase & sale can be found on our price overview page.

What rings can you sell with us?

We buy large or small rings, wedding rings or engagement rings - rings of any kind of gold and silver. Even older specimens, perhaps from an inheritance, you can sell at Gold & Co. Likewise, it does not matter to us whether the rings are set with stones or damaged.

If your rings include pieces of jewelry with special artistic value, from renowned workshops or with other characteristics that suggest that you can get more than the pure material value elsewhere, our staff will be happy to refer you to reputable jewelry dealers, auction houses and jewelers in Vienna.

Scrap gold calculator

With our scrap gold calculator you have the possibility to get a first non-binding price estimate for your rings.

Sell gold rings at Gold & Co. in Vienna

Especially in times of high gold prices, many people fear getting involved with a dubious business partner. For Gold & Co., however, customer satisfaction, transparency and reliability come first. We are an Austrian family business with over 130 years of experience in precious metal trading and jewelry manufacturing. Gold & Co. was founded by Walter Hell-Höflinger. Our store is your competent partner if you want to sell gold rings in Vienna!

At Gold & Co. you will not be "dispatched", but our employees know that the sale of gold rings is a matter of trust. Therefore, our valuation service is not only free of charge and without obligation for you, but we also let you participate in the valuation of your gold rings. Furthermore, at Gold & Co. you benefit from purchase prices that are always above the current daily rate. If you would like to inform yourself in advance about the daily gold price, you can do so under precious metal prices.

You want to sell gold & silver rings?

With us you can sell rings and other pieces made of gold, but also items made of silver, platinum and palladium. And at top prices! We are also happy to advise you without any obligation in one of our gold purchase branches in 1090, 1220 or 1030 Vienna, come by!