NIOB | 2014 | Evolution | Bimetallmünze

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About this product

The first time two-tone

For the first time, the niobium coin shines in two colors: a (r)evolution of bright blue and green.

The value side:
The coin's value side visualizes the evolutionary history of medicine with different symbols. Another milestone of mankind: the decoding of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which are depicted both figuratively and in writing as terms in the colored niobium part. They reflect the origin of the entire evolution and thus open the door to a topic that seems infinite in its complexity. In addition, the colored niobium part shows the rod of Asclepius, the sign of medicine, as well as your microscope and laboratory glass.

The picture side:
The other side thematizes as the main motif the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin people and the diversity of life on our planet. In the niobium part of the coin you can see the history of evolution from apes to homo-sapienes to humans, which is depicted in the silver ring. The upper part of the coin shows different forms of flora and fauna.


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