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Niobium coins from Austria are among the most sought-after collector coins due to their uniqueness. They are minted annually since 2003 and are made of silver and niobium.

Unlike bullion coins made of gold or silver, these bi-metal coins are especially popular among coin enthusiasts. Some series are already sold out and only available on the collector market, because the demand for niobium coins since 2003 is continuously increasing.

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Customers particularly appreciate the unusual two-tone look. The different colors of the vintages are achieved by refracting light. The technique of "anodic oxidation" is used for this. Not only the two-tone appearance is very special: niobium is a rare chemical element that belongs to the transition metals. It has extraordinary properties and is therefore often used in the aerospace industry.

Buying niobium coins you own a piece of Austrian history in the highest quality. The nominal value of the coin is 25 euros. However, the actual value increases from year to year. This is because the mintage is limited and only available in the special quality "hand lifted". This means that the coins are individually inspected and packaged immediately after minting to ensure first-class condition.

What are your niobium coins worth?

If you want to know what your niobium coins are worth or if you want to sell your niobium coins, we will be happy to advise you in one of our stores in Vienna. For customers who cannot come to one of our stores, we have arranged a mail order service.