10 Euro Silver Coin Series "Angels - Heavenly Messengers

Both the faith reality of Jews, Christians and Muslims is populated by angels. The Austrian Mint issues an interfaith series of talisman coins dedicated to these heavenly messengers. All silver coins in the series are available in "Hand Lifted" and "Proof" quality. In addition, a copper version of each is also available.

10 Euro Münze Engel (8)

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"Angels - heavenly messengers"

Angels have always been considered mystical companions of man. Their meaning and importance even transcends religious boundaries: angels are present in both Jewish and Christianity, and are also common in the Muslim faith. The coins serve their owner as a talisman and bring luck and strength for all life situations.

The silver coin of the Austrian Mint is ideal for beginners and small investors. Due to the high existing demand, you can expect a price increase in the future. Secure now the coveted first edition. The series began in 2017 with the angelic prince Michael, followed by the archangel Gabriel. In 2018, the angels Raphael and Uriel followed.

Matching the coins, you can purchase a noble collection box, in which each of the four coins finds its place.

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