5. Juni 2023
Goldpreisentwicklung 2023: Der aktuelle Goldkurs im Blick
In unserer Goldpreisprognose für 2023, zeigten wir, dass die Goldpreisentwicklung von verschiedenen Analysten sehr unterschiedlich betrachtet wurde. Als wichtigste Einflussfaktoren gelten die Infaltionsraten in den USA und Europa, aber vor allem die Geldpolitik mit der FED und EZB dieser begegnen. Wie hat sich der Goldpreis 2023 aktuell tatsächlich verhalten?
Krügerrand Original & Fälschung
Krügerrand Original & Fälschung
April 3, 2023
The Gold You Trust
On the trail of gold counterfeiters with Gold & Co. All those who buy gold from uncertain sources in good faith or out of false thrift run the highest risk of paying real money for tin!
UBS Credit Suisse von Claudio Schwarz
UBS Credit Suisse von Claudio Schwarz
March 20, 2023
Banking crisis lifts gold price to over 2000 dollars
"Too big to fail" and still broke! After the supposedly "small" US banks Silicon Valley Bank and SignatureBank, the first major European bank had to be rescued over the weekend.
Silicon Valley Bank Image credit: Tony Webster / CC-BY-2.0
Silicon Valley Bank Image credit: Tony Webster / CC-BY-2.0
March 13, 2023
Banking crisis in sight: gold price rises
Last week saw the biggest bank failure in the USA since 2008. While stock markets around the world are in deep red, the price of gold skyrocketed.
February 14, 2023
Gold price with rising interest rates
In the fight against high inflation rates, central banks around the world are currently raising key interest rates. But what does this mean for gold? How will the gold price develop in an environment of rising interest rates?
December 16, 2022
After EU Council Decision: Cash cap now also coming to Austria
The Council of the European Union has agreed on a cash ceiling of 10,000 euros. According to the Council's plans, cash transactions over 10,000 euros are to become illegal. With this, the governments of the member states are finally putting this limit, which was already demanded last year by the EU Commission as a measure against money laundering and the fight against terrorism, on track!
November 14, 2022
Gold price forecast 2023 - Where does the gold price point?
Currently in mid-November 2022, the price now stands at 1,770 dollars per ounce, calculated in euros at about 1,710 euros. But what will happen next? How will the gold price develop in 2023?
October 4, 2022
Interest rates put pressure on gold price
Shouldn't gold actually be the protection against inflation? However, the price of gold is not rising, but has been hovering between 1700 and 1800 dollars for months. Most recently, the price even slipped below the mark of 1650 dollars / troy ounce.
October 4, 2022
No more differential taxation for imported silver coins
At the end of September, a cover letter from the German Federal Ministry of Finance made the rounds among precious metals traders, restricting the possibility of differential taxation of imported silver coins.