Gold all-time high in euro October 2023
4. Dezember 2023
Neues Gold-Allzeithoch geknackt
In der Nacht zum Montag wurde die Feinunze Gold zwischenzeitlich für 2.135 US-Dollar gehandelt - so hoch wie nie zuvor.
1. Dezember 2023
Gold gifts for Christmas
If you ask Austrians what they give away for Christmas, money has been the undisputed leader for years. But instead of simply giving a rather impersonal envelope with a few banknotes, a gold coin or a small bar under the Christmas tree is usually remembered by the recipient for a long time.
24. November 2023
Goldpreis Prognose 2024 – Wohin zeigt der Goldkurs?
Aktuell Mitte November 2023 steht der Preis nun wieder bei 2.000 Dollar pro Unze, gerechnet in Euro bei etwa 1.835 Euro. Aber wie geht es weiter? Wie wird sich der Goldpreis im Jahr 2024 entwickeln?
October 23 2023
Escalation in the Middle East: Return of the Crisis Currency Gold?
Gold is once again living up to its reputation as a safe haven. Since the Hamas massacres in Israel and the terrorist organization's declaration of war on the Jewish state on October 7, the price of gold has risen sharply.
September 25, 2023
Gold as retirement provision
Individual initiative is required for a secure pension. Gold can play a supporting role in retirement planning and provide the desired financial security and freedom in old age.
August 29, 2023
Gold price - what will happen to gold in 2023?
The gold price has been in a downward trend for months, and in mid-August 2023 gold fell to 1,735 euros or $1,884 / troy ounce, its lowest level since March.
July 26 2023
BRICS Gold Currency: Is the Gold Standard Coming Back?
The BRICS countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are planning to introduce a new currency. The interesting thing about the rumors is certainly that it will be backed by physical gold.
Walter Hell Höflinger - Image credit: Curt Themessl
July 4, 2023
Third branch opened in Vienna
All good things come in threes. From July 3rd you can also visit us in our new branch at Landstraßer Hauptstraße 8 in Vienna's 3rd district.
Digital central bank currency
June 28, 2023
Digital Central Bank Money - Useful Supplement to Cash or Abolition by the Back Door?
In October 2023, the ECB plans to decide whether to introduce the digital euro as an official means of payment. What would the introduction of the digital euro mean? Is it intended to abolish cash as we know it?