Men's jewelry purchase at Gold & Co.

Do you own men's jewelry that is gathering dust in a corner or drawer because you don't like it (anymore)? Maybe these pieces do not even have a special personal value for you? If this jewelry is made of gold or silver, we recommend that you sell it: after all, it's worth hard cash.

What all can be men's jewelry?

Perhaps the first things you think of when you think of men's jewelry are rings, necklaces and bracelets. But also tie pins, cufflinks as well as watches made of gold and silver and luxury watches made of steel fall under this term. As long as the men's jewelry is made of gold or silver, it does not matter whether it is intact or damaged: we also accept old heirloom jewelry and broken gold. You are also welcome to offer us re-saleable diamond and antique jewelry as well as pieces set with precious stones.

What do I get for men's jewelry?

Gold 585 - 14 carat
34,79  / g
Gold 750 - 18 carat
44,40  / g
Our purchase prices for gold, silver & platinum are based on the general precious metal rates. All current rates for purchase & sale can be found on our price overview page.

Best prices for the purchase of broken gold

With us you will not only receive competent advice and the free valuation service; we also always offer you prices above the current daily rate when buying broken gold in Vienna. The most common broken gold is defective or broken jewelry consists mostly of 14 carat (585 gold)

Scrap gold calculator

With our scrap gold calculator you have the possibility to get a first non-binding price estimate for your scrap gold.

Why is it worthwhile to sell your men's jewelry at Gold & Co.

As a serious and fair partner, we weigh your men's jewelry in your presence, of course: Take a look at the display of our calibrated scales yourself! Also, we will never push you to any hasty decisions: Take your time and weigh a possible sale of your men's jewelry in peace! It goes without saying that we will disclose all valuation criteria to you and explain the valuation process to you in an understandable way. Likewise, we always have an open ear for your questions.

Our customer service includes in-depth advice as well as the offer to appraise pieces of jewelry free of charge. As a trustworthy partner, we also always pay you prices that are above the current gold rate. You are welcome to check out the daily precious metal prices on our website right here before you visit us.


You want to sell your men's jewelry?

Come now for a personal, non-binding and serious consultation in one of our branches in Vienna 9, Vienna 3 or Vienna 22. Alternatively, you can use our purchase service by mail delivery from all over Austria.