Broken gold purchase in our branches in Vienna

Broken gold prices above the current daily rate!

Broken gold is the name for damaged items made of gold. This includes especially broken gold jewelry. If you want to sell broken gold, you are welcome to do so at Gold & Co. - whether rings, chains with broken clasps or the gold watch: we buy everything made of gold & silver.

Is the sale of broken gold worthwhile?

Definitely yes, because broken gold has the same gold value as flawless jewelry. The decisive factor is the respective fine gold content. It doesn't matter if a ring or necklace has become unsightly or unusable over the years. Your old gold is worth cash. Gold jewelry that has fractures or other defects can no longer be worn and often disappears into drawers. However, the material value that these broken pieces often have should not be underestimated.

What do I get for broken gold?

Gold 585 - 14 carat
35,05  / g
Gold 750 - 18 carat
44,73  / g
Our purchase prices for gold, silver & platinum are based on the general precious metal rates. All current rates for purchase & sale can be found on our price overview page.

Best prices for the purchase of broken gold

With us you will not only receive competent advice and the free valuation service; we also always offer you prices above the current daily rate when buying broken gold in Vienna. The most common broken gold is defective or broken jewelry consists mostly of 14 carat (585 gold)

Scrap gold calculator

With our scrap gold calculator you have the possibility to get a first non-binding price estimate for your scrap gold.

Sell broken gold at Gold & Co. in Vienna

The weighing of your jewelry is done directly in front of you and you can of course see the scales. This guarantees you 100% transparency and seriousness. Also, you will not be "dispatched" with us. We deliberately take time for you and your questions. Step by step we will show you, for example, the exact procedure and the criteria for the valuation of your broken gold.


You want to sell your broken gold?

Take advantage of the high gold rate and our broken gold purchase service and visit us in one of our branches in Vienna or our purchase by mail.