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For sale are various coins and bars of silver. You do not want to miss any action and buy gold & silver cheap in the future? Then register right here to our gold letter!

Schilling coins action (differential taxed)

Buy now shilling silver coins just above the daily rate! The coins are given in bags of 5KG each. This represents a saving of about 14% (compared to the same fine weight in Vienna Philharmonic coins).

Packaging sizes: 5kg bags Schilling coins of silver. Sorted by type, all vintages and degrees of preservation. Unfortunately, vintage requests can not be considered.

Price per 5KG - nominal from ATS 5 to ATS 100

Preise zuletzt aktualisiert am 16. July 2024, 08:42 Uhr

All prices quoted are subject to change. Prices are subject to change without notice. The offer does not represent a
fixed price offer, but will be calculated at the same favorable conditions with the valid silver
silver rate at the time of sale. Please contact us for the current
valid prices. Weights are only approximate and are subject to slight fluctuations due to technical
production reasons are subject to slight fluctuations.

Minimum purchase Schilberschilling action: 1 x 5KG bag.
(only while stocks last).

An order of single coins can not be considered under these conditions.
unfortunately not be considered.

Vienna Philharmonic (differential taxed)

For sale are Vienna Philharmonic of silver in the original tubes or loose.

Minimum purchase: 20 pieces (only while stocks last).

Unfortunately, an order of individual coins can not be considered.

Maria Theresa Thaler (differential taxed)

For sale are several hundred Maria Theresa thalers (restrikes, silver, 833/1000). The coins are in good to very good condition.

20 pieces units
Minimum purchase: 20 pieces
(only while stocks last).

Silver kilobars (20% VAT)

For sale are 10 pieces 1000 g silver bars from Heraeus shrink-wrapped in foil.

1000 g Heraeus ingot

If you are interested, please message or call 012350222. Pickup is possible in our stores in 1090 Vienna and by prior arrangement by phone in 1220Vienna and 1030 Vienna . You are also welcome to come to our store at any time. Shipping possible after prior bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Shipping costs:

Shipping cost: 19,90/unit (registered, insured).
DE: 19,-/kilo (registered, insured).

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