Der Name DEGUSSA ist ein Akronym für Deutsche Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt und gehört wohl zu den bekanntesten Goldscheideanstalten im deutschsprachigen Raum und gehörte lange zu den wichtigsten Herstellern von Gold-, Silber- und Platinbarren.
The gold price in Austria
Der Goldpreis wird heute aufgrund von Angebot und Nachfrage auf internationalen Märkten bestimmt und ist daher weltweit weitgehend einheitlich.  "DEN" österreichischen Goldpreis gibt es daher nicht.
What to do when the gold price falls?
You bought gold and now the price is going down? Falling prices are by no means a reason to panic. If you consider these 10 questions and answers, you are on the safe side.
Whoever buys a gold coin with 1 ounce of fine gold from a precious metal dealer or a bank always pays more than the "gold spot", i.e. the general gold price on the world market, currently shows. This difference, i.e. the additional cost of a gold, silver or platinum coin at the time of purchase compared to the current price of the metal is called the "premium".
Silver as a safe investment
Silver and gold - when there is a crisis in the global economy, precious metals are in high demand again. Silver coins are seen as a way to have a means of payment that retains its value even in times of inflation.
Buy silver in Austria
When it comes to investing in precious metals, silver is often given less attention or forgotten altogether. But old silver shillings, silverware or silver bars can consistently score as a reasonable value investment and "iron reserve".
Buying gold - 7 good reasons to buy gold
If you invest your money in gold, you think in the long term - that means at least in decades. When investing in gold, however, you should consider a few aspects.
Buy platinum as an investment
The white precious metal is more in demand than ever and is a popular alternative to gold and silver that is often used to diversify a precious metal investment.
Ögussa is one of the best-known Austrian refiners and, in addition to producing technical metals for industry, is known primarily for its bars of gold and silver for investors.