The gold price in Austria
Der Goldpreis wird heute aufgrund von Angebot und Nachfrage auf internationalen Märkten bestimmt und ist daher weltweit weitgehend einheitlich.  "DEN" österreichischen Goldpreis gibt es daher nicht.
Hallmark 585
Hallmarks and stamps on gold, silver & platinum jewelry
In Austria, there is the hallmarking law here, which states that precious metal items manufactured or sold in Austria must bear a hallmark of fineness with an indication in parts per thousand in a clearly visible and easily recognizable manner.
Dental gold Dental gold
Dental gold alloys
Dental gold, also known as dental gold, is always a gold alloy. Pure gold would be too soft a material for crowns, fillings or dentures. However, because ceramic, titanium and high-tech plastics are now increasingly being used as dental prostheses, many people still have old dental gold at home.
Current gold buying prices
Before you sell your gold, it is always advisable to compare the gold buying prices per gram beforehand.
Free valuation of jewelry and co.
Small fortunes lie dormant in many households. You can have the actual value of your gold and silver jewelry or inherited jewelry, for example, determined by a specialist. But how does the valuation of jewelry and the like work?
What to know when selling gemstones
A golden ring, with a valuable bright red ruby. Even as a child, grandma always told us how valuable the ring and the stone, which she had already inherited from her grandmother. 
How much is my old jewelry worth?
The value of your jewelry depends on the weight, the karat number, i.e. the fineness of gold, and the current gold price on the world market. If you want to determine exactly how much your gold is worth, you need a professional.
Fast money for old gold & silver: pawnshop or sale?
Those who need money quickly and as uncomplicatedly as possible, but preferably do not want to or cannot take out a loan, are faced with the choice of selling or pawning valuable items.
What do I have to consider when I want to sell gold?
Almost everyone has old gold at home that no longer serves any particular purpose: the cracked baptismal necklace, the jewelry that has long since ceased to be modern, or the leftover from the last visit to the dentist.