What do I have to consider when I want to sell gold?

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Almost everyone has old gold at home that no longer serves any particular purpose: the cracked baptismal necklace, the jewelry that has long since ceased to be modern, or the leftover from the last visit to the dentist.

Due to the high price of gold, it currently pays to sell this gold. There are many gold dealers who are interested in buying your old gold.

However, media reports and tests have shown that all that glitters is not always gold: there are many dubious gold buyers. Such dealers often advertise with unprofessional advertising slips, the company data is not correct and only a throwaway cell phone number is given as the telephone number.

Below I would like to give you a few tips on how to recognize a reputable dealer.

7 tips when you want to sell gold:

Tip 1: Check out the dealer's website.

A website reveals all sorts of things. Take a critical look at the website of the dealer where you want to sell your gold: Does the website seem reputable? Do you feel well informed?

Tip 2: Search the Internet for reviews.

When you have found a dealer where you would like to sell your gold, see if you can find reviews on the web. Attention: If you can't find anything at all about a dealer, it's not a good sign!

Tip 3: Ask if the valuation of your gold is free and if you can be quoted an exact price.

A determination of price should always be free and accurate - even if it is clear that you may not be thinking of selling immediately, but simply want to find out what your gold is currently worth. Don't settle for an approximate price.

Tip 4: Make sure your pieces are closely inspected.

A careful examination of the gold you want to sell is the basic requirement for a solid business transaction. If you want to sell different pieces, it is important that the dealer separates your pieces by carat. One way to determine the carat content is with an acid test. The more carats your pieces have, the higher their gold content and consequently the higher the price you will receive.

Tip 5: Take a look at the scale.

A reputable dealer will always let you look at the scales when weighing the gold. So pay attention to whether you can see the result of the weighing directly on the scales or whether you will only be told it by the dealer.

Tip 6: Don't let yourself be pressured.

Those who want to sell gold often need some time and want to visit several dealers. A reputable gold buyer will never pressure you or even push you to sell.

Tip 7: Pay attention to the company details and choose an Austrian gold buyer.

A reputable dealer never gives only a cell phone number, but always an address as well. I especially recommend you to trust Austrian companies. They are subject to strict laws and requirements that do not apply to foreign companies.

If you follow these tips, you will definitely be on the safe side.

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