How much is my old jewelry worth?

How much is my old jewelry worth? © Own image

The value of your jewelry is based on the weight, the karat number, which is the fineness of gold, and the current gold spot price. If you want to determine exactly how much your gold is worth, you need a professional.

Only he can determine the exact number of carats. To do this, he uses acid or X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF). Once he has determined the karat number, he weighs the gold and calculates its value based on the current gold rate for broken gold.

Attention: The material value is decisive

Gold jewelry is rarely made of 24 carat fine gold, but mostly of an alloy (mixture of metals). In Austria, for example, it is mainly 14 carat (585) that is sold, which contains 58.35% fine gold. If you sell a piece of jewelry made of gold, you will always be paid only the value of the fine gold at the current rate. Therefore, the material value is decisive. The working time that the goldsmith has invested in making the jewelry is not taken into account in the valuation.

An exception is so-called antique jewelry, i.e. jewelry that is 100 years old and older. For such pieces of jewelry, prices can sometimes be achieved that are above the pure material value. If there is such a piece of jewelry among your old gold, our expert will of course draw your attention to it and advise you on the possibilities of selling it.

Why old jewelry is not suitable as an investment

Jewelry is beautiful and valuable, but not a form of investment. The value of jewelry can only be assessed by a professional. It is therefore not very suitable as a precautionary measure. Therefore, I advise you to sell unworn jewelry and exchange it for investment gold such as gold coins or bars. You can always determine the value of investment gold yourself via the Internet or the newspaper by looking up the gold price (gold spot). Coins, for example ducats or Vienna Philharmonic, or bars are best suited, and in smaller units (coins from 3 grams, bars from 20 grams). Should you actually need some money, you are more flexible with the small units and do not have to sell all your reserves at once.

For more valuable tips, see "Investing money properly in gold".

Those who have gold have lasting values

Everyone knows it, generations have rightly relied on it and history has proven it: Gold is the safest form of investment. Whoever invests his money in gold secures its value and protects his assets from loss of value due to inflation. Coins such as ducats or Vienna Philharmonic are, by the way, even an official means of payment.
Our tip: Exchange (old) jewelry for safe investment gold.

You want to know how much your jewelry is worth? Our experts will be happy to value not only your old jewelry, but also coins, dental gold and other precious metal pieces, for example silver. This valuation is non-binding, independent of a sale and, of course, does not involve any costs. We will also be happy to advise you on a suitable investment in gold.

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