A piece of Austria and one of the most famous coins worldwide

The Vienna Philharmonic coin is made of pure gold (999.9% gold content). You can buy and sell these coins worldwide at the current gold price. The Vienna Philharmonic is among the most purchased coins.
The coin is minted in four different sizes. You can therefore select which coin – and thus which value – you want to give as a gift, based on the occasion. In any case, gold is a gift that keeps on giving.

1 ounce

(31.103 grams)

 1/2 ounce

(15.552 grams)

 1/4 ounce

(7.776 grams)

 1/10 ounce

(3.110 grams)

1/25 ounce

(1.244 grams)

1 Unze 1/2 halbe Unze 1/4 viertel Unze 1/10 zenthel Unze

1/25 fünfundzwanzigstel Unze

Face value       100 EUR 50 Euro 25 Euro 10 Euro 4 Euro
Gold content           31.103 g 15.552 g 7.776 g 3.110 g 1.244 g
Diameter       37 mm 28 mm 22 mm 16 mm  13 mm

See here for the current Vienna Philharmonic coin price

The Vienna Philharmonic coin – also ideal for investors

You are putting your money to good use when buying a Vienna Philharmonic coin. Gold has been an investment of stable value for many centuries. We recommend you invest 10-20% of your assets in gold for the long term because doing so provides its owner with security and independence in economically difficult times. What does that mean exactly? Gold is particularly valuable when other forms of investment, especially paper securities such as the Euro, lose value.

You can purchase the Vienna Philharmonic coin in Austria and in most other countries worldwide without VAT. It is sold in both banks as well as directly from the Austrian Mint and is constantly being minted.

Selling Vienna Philharmonic coins?

As specialists in precious metals, we not only sell coins, we also buy them. If you wish to sell Vienna Philharmonic coins, simply call into our branches in the 9th or 22nd districts.

At a glance:

Name: Vienna Philharmonic
Country: Austria
Manufacturer: Münze Österreich AG (Austrian Mint)
Year of minting: 1989 till today
Fineness (purity of gold alloy): 999.9/1000 gold
Face value: 200, to 2,000,- Schilling and 10 to 100,000 Euro
Type: Investment coin made of gold

 Front side  Back side
Vienna Philharmonic Front Side  Vienna Philharmonic Back Side

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