Prägequalitäten von Münzen
Besonders bei Sammlermünzen spielt die Prägequalität und der Zustand einer Münze eine große Rolle. Je besser die Qualität und Zustand einer Münze, desto wertvoller ist sie für Sammler und Anleger.
Gold coins on gray background
Gold treasure found
Many people dream of finding a real treasure. In fact, archaeologists, treasure hunters and probe hunters, but also construction crews or farmers find real, historical gold treasures again and again.
Gold standard: Currency backed by gold
For centuries, gold and silver were a common currency. Gold coins and silver coins passed from hand to hand as circulation coins. The value of the coins was directly covered by their material value (curant coins).
The gold price in Austria
Der Goldpreis wird heute aufgrund von Angebot und Nachfrage auf internationalen Märkten bestimmt und ist daher weltweit weitgehend einheitlich.  "DEN" österreichischen Goldpreis gibt es daher nicht.
Hallmark 585
Hallmarks and stamps on gold, silver & platinum jewelry
In Austria, there is the hallmarking law here, which states that precious metal items manufactured or sold in Austria must bear a hallmark of fineness with an indication in parts per thousand in a clearly visible and easily recognizable manner.
C. Hafner Green Gold
Sustainable gold
While various approaches are designed to make gold mining more sustainable, it is primarily scrap gold recycling that makes the precious metal environmentally, socially and climate friendly.
What to do when the gold price falls?
You bought gold and now the price is going down? Falling prices are by no means a reason to panic. If you consider these 10 questions and answers, you are on the safe side.
Whoever buys a gold coin with 1 ounce of fine gold from a precious metal dealer or a bank always pays more than the "gold spot", i.e. the general gold price on the world market, currently shows. This difference, i.e. the additional cost of a gold, silver or platinum coin at the time of purchase compared to the current price of the metal is called the "premium".
Medals sell silver coin
Sell medals
Medal and coin are often not so easy to distinguish. Both are round, have embossing on both sides and are produced from metals.