Krugerrand Replica / Copy
Re-stampings, mis-stampings, replicas and forgeries
When is a coin actually "genuine"? Does a genuine guilder have to be from the 19th century? What is the difference between restrike, mismint, replica and counterfeit?
Check gold coins & gold bars for authenticity
All that glitters is not gold! Fake gold bars and gold coins are turning up again and again. As the fakes become more and more perfect, the difference between real and counterfeit goods is becoming increasingly difficult to tell, especially for laymen.
Detect Gold Bar Counterfeit & Fake Gold Coins
All that glitters is not gold! Since 2016, counterfeit gold bars and gold coins have again increasingly appeared. Especially when buying on the Internet, you should be careful. For laymen, the difference between real and fake goods is difficult to recognize.
Preservation Grades, Grading, Slabing & Forgeries
In addition to rarity, the degree of preservation of a coin is one of the most important characteristics for coin collectors and is therefore decisive in determining its collector's value. In order to be able to evaluate and guarantee authenticity and degree of preservation as neutrally as possible, grading services have established themselves, which make their expertise available to everyone as a third independent party.