Collector coins

Prägequalitäten von Münzen
Besonders bei Sammlermünzen spielt die Prägequalität und der Zustand einer Münze eine große Rolle. Je besser die Qualität und Zustand einer Münze, desto wertvoller ist sie für Sammler und Anleger.
Krugerrand Replica / Copy
Re-stampings, mis-stampings, replicas and forgeries
When is a coin actually "genuine"? Does a genuine guilder have to be from the 19th century? What is the difference between restrike, mismint, replica and counterfeit?
Coins from mints & mail order companies
In general, precious metal coins serve either as investments (bullion coins) or as collector's items. While the material value of bullion coins is in the foreground, the value of collector coins is determined not only by the material, but above all by the supply and demand from numismatists.