Gold ducats - a classic investment coin

The ducat is composed of 98.6% gold, and to a small extent copper, which makes the coin a little bit harder. The ducat is a very popular coin for investors or as a gift, especially in Austria. It is produced by the Austrian Mint and is therefore a piece that Austrians can call "home".

Gold ducats have the imprint franc ios i d g avstriae imperator on them, and in most cases the year 1915. They are available in two different sizes:

View ducat 11 ducat

Diameter: 19.75 mm
Alloy: Gold 986
Weight: 3.491 g

View ducat 44 ducat

Diameter: 39.5 mm
Alloy: Gold 986
Weight: 13.769 g

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Ducats – for a flexible and safe investment in gold

You will be investing your money wisely in gold by buying ducats. Gold has always been regarded as the safest form of investment in the world In general, Mag. Walter Hell-Höflinger, company founder of Gold & Co., recommends investing 10-20% of your savings in gold – especially in economically uncertain times. In addition, money constantly loses its value. Gold is therefore very well suited as protection against inflation.

Do you want to sell ducats?

No problem. You are welcome to sell us your ducats at any time. Just drop into one of our branches in Vienna 1090 and Vienna 1220. Our team is happy to answer any questions about the purchase of ducats in Vienna.

At a glance:

Name: Ducat or ducats
Country: Austria
Manufacturer: Münze Österreich AG (Austrian Mint)
Year of minting: Original mintings from 1852 to 1914, re-mintings: 1915
Fineness: 986/1000 gold
Face value: 1 or 4 ducat
Type: Investment coin made of gold

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