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Investing money in gold - but the right way! Especially in recent years, I am approached almost daily by people who want to invest their money properly in gold. All these people have one thing in common: concern about their financial future, but above all concern about security in old age.

Would you like to safely invest the small or perhaps even larger fortune that you have often worked hard to save over the years? Many people think about investing in gold, but at the same time do not know how best to proceed.

Here I have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions for you:

Invest money in gold - How much should I invest?

Invest 10-20% of your assets in gold. The rule of thumb used to be that you should invest 5-10% in gold. Currently, I would advise you to double or triple that - but no more! Not owning any gold is just as unadvisable as investing too much money in gold.

Gold should continue to rise in value. Should I buy gold now?

Yes, buy gold, but don't play poker with it. Do not buy gold to speculate with it, but as a financial investment. If you are not a professional, you have a hard time observing the gold price and often sell at the wrong time. Look at gold as a kind of freezer: You preserve and secure the purchasing power of your money over a longer period of time. You freeze your money, so to speak. Gold is the natural enemy of inflation. Over time, it compensates for the loss of purchasing power via its price increases. Especially in 2016, the price of gold has risen sharply. Gold coins and/or smaller gold bars are a great way to start investing in gold! There is another reason to buy gold. Since 2016, banks have introduced large-scale negative interest rates. This means that every euro not spent or "consumed" is penalized with interest - savers are left with less money at the end of the day. Thus, since 2016, banks have slowly started to dispossess citizens of their belongings and force them to spend their hard-saved euros.

When should I invest money in gold? What is the right time?

Despite my many years of experience, I cannot give you a clear answer to this question. There is no right time, because the gold price is constantly changing. My advice: Buy smaller quantities over a longer period of time. This way you can compensate for price fluctuations. By the way, the professionals also proceed in this way.

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What is the best thing to buy if I want to invest money in gold?

Buy small units of coins and bars. If you want to turn the gold into cash later, this gives you flexibility. Coins such as the Vienna Philharmonic or the ducat. If you want to invest a larger sum in gold (over 100,000 euros), bars are a useful addition. However, you should know that small bars, i.e. bars up to 20 grams, are more expensive than large bars due to the production costs.

Which gold coins should I buy?

Tips from the expert: It is best to choose so-called bullion coins. These are coins that have been produced by the Austrian state in large quantities for years, have a high fineness of gold and are therefore particularly suitable as a form of investment(bullion coins are therefore also called "investment coins"). Bullion coins are, for example, the Vienna Philharmonic and the ducat. Jewelry, for example, is never an investment!


Does it matter what type of bar I buy?

No! If you buy bars, then take bars from Good Delivery manufacturers. These are bars that are produced by certified manufacturers. You can find out more about this under "Good-Delivery Bars." In short, non-certified bars usually lose about 15% in value after purchase.

Bars of the Mint WITH Good-Delivery Certificate vs. barsofan Austrian refinery WITHOUT Good-Delivery Certificate



Where should I store the gold?

Store your gold in a private vault, a safe deposit box or a bank safe. If you choose a private safe, it should be truly secure. A safe is considered secure if it is anchored to the masonry with heavy-duty anchors or weighs at least 250 kg. A good alternative to a safe is a safe deposit box or safe at a bank. Make sure that the bank's insurance coverage covers the value of the amount of gold stored. If this is not the case, you can increase the amount of coverage for an additional charge.

Is it true that I can buy gold coins without VAT?

Yes, that is correct. Unlike silver, platinum or palladium, you can buy gold tax-free in Austria and most other countries in the world (Directive 98/80/EC).

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