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"Where is the best place to store my gold?" is a question many of our customers ask after they have purchased precious metals from us.

In the past, the first way was to the bank of trust, nowadays, in times of crisis, bank failures, money controls and restrictions, there was a call for solutions outside the banking system.

Lockers for rent - 24/7 accessible at any time!

Since Gold&Co. does not offer pure storage itself - we have been looking for a solution for our customers. We can now offer this additional service through the private locker provider Safe at the Schottentor , an Austrian owned safe deposit facility.

Unlike many now-digitized investment products, owners of precious metals must worry about storing their physical assets.

If you don't want to store your gold & silver at home in your own safe or a secure hiding place, the only option is to keep it in a safe deposit box.

But even if precious metals are stored safely in a safe deposit box, there is still the problem of accessibility. Because you can only access your property during the bank's opening hours. Especially in times of crisis - see Cyprus 2013 - this can be more problematic than you might think.

However, a safe deposit box with a private safe provider allows physical gold to be deposited and stored securely, discreetly and independently of banks. As a tenant of a safe deposit box, you have unrestricted access to the safe deposit box around the clock, 365 days a year.

It is also possible to name several authorized persons who can open the locker. This can be a great advantage in case of illness, indisposition or death.

The safe at Schottentor is located in the oldest bank building in Austria, is centrally located at Schottenring 2-6 and is the most modern and secure safe facility in Austria. Any manipulations, such as those used to rob safes in the recent past, have been countered with the highest security technology. In addition, employees of Tresor am Schottentor are available on site during office hours to provide advice and assistance.

Exclusive advantages for Gold&Co customers - free safe deposit box for 3 months

As a partner of the Tresor am Schott entor, you can book a safe deposit box directly at the Tresor am Schottentor or at a Gold&Co. branch and - as soon as you mention the keyword "Gold&Co." when registering - even get 3 months of safe deposit box fees waived.

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