Platinum Vienna Philharmonic 1 Ounce


Name: Vienna Philharmonic
Country: Austria
Manufacturer: Austrian Mint
Minting years: 2016 until today
Fineness: Platinum Pt 999.5
Fine weight: 31.10 g
Type: Platinum bullion coin

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Platinum Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

The Platinum Philharmonic - variation of an investment classic

The Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is considered a modern classic among bullion coins and is therefore not without reason one of the best-selling bullion coins worldwide. Since 2016, the Austrian Mint has also been issuing the Vienna Philharmonic coin as a platinum variant. Unlike the classic gold coins, however, the platinum Philharmonic is only available in two sizes: As 1/1 ounce with a nominal value of 100 euros and, since 2017, also as 1/25 ounce with a nominal value of 4 euros. However, both coins are made of pure platinum with the highest possible fineness of 999.5 pt.

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