4 Ducat Gold Coin


Name: Ducat or Dukaten
Country: Austria
Manufacturer: Austrian Mint
Minting years: Original mintings from 1852 to 1914, restrikes: 1915
Fineness: 986/1000 gold
Face value: Quadruple ducat
Type: Gold bullion coin

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Austrian quadruple ducat in gold

A classic bullion coin

The ducat or ducat consists of 98.6% gold and a small amount of copper, which makes the coin slightly harder. This alloy is even known as "ducat gold". Especially in Austria, the gold ducat is a very popular coin for investors or is often given as a gift.

Until the middle of the 19th century, ducats were the official means of payment in Austria, and until 1915 they continued to be minted as trade gold coins. Today's restrikes are produced as bullion coins. All gold ducats have the coinage franc ios i d g avstriae imperator (Franz Joseph der Erste von Gottes Gnaden Kaiser von Österreich) and the restrikes mostly have the date 1915.

They are available in two different sizes: With face values of 1 ducat and 4 ducats.

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