Gold coin Jacques Cartier | 1984 | 100 dollars


Name: Jacques Cartier Gold Coin
Country: Kandada
Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
Fineness: 916/1000 gold
Total weight: 16.97 g

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Gold coin Jacques Cartier | 1984 | 100 dollars

The gold coin 100 Dollars Jacques Cartier 1984 is a Canadian commemorative coin. It is available in the highest minting quality (PP polished plate). It honors the discoverer and navigator Jacques Cartier. For the 450th anniversary, this gold coin with illustration of the portrait of Cartier has appeared.

In 1534 he started his voyage to the Far East across the Atlantic with two sailing ships in St. Malo. He was commissioned by King Francis I the navigator to find a way across the sea to the Far East. The voyage went towards America, from there up the Saint Lawrence Gulf. The passage to the Far East was not to be found but he sailed all around Newfoundland.


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