Where can I get the most money for my gold?

Where can I get the most money for my gold? © Own image

Especially when the gold price is at a high level, it can be very profitable for you to sell scrap gold. But unfortunately, there are many "black sheep" among the gold dealers and jewelers, which advertise in your shop window with "top prices" or "the most money for gold", but do not keep what they promise.

The Gold & Co. team is 100% serious, pays high prices for gold & silver and builds on over 130 years of family tradition.

Tips if you are wondering where to get the best price for gold

We explain how you can recognize a reputable gold dealer and thus get the best price. If you follow our 7 tips, you are definitely on the safe side.

You can also find out for yourself in advance how the value of gold, jewelry, scrap gold, broken gold, etc. is calculated. You can find out more at http://www.goldundco.at/goldwissen/top-themen/schmuck-wert.html

Gold & Co. - Your partner for the purchase of gold

If you sell your old gold, such as jewelry that is no longer worn (rings, chains, etc.), dental gold or coins to us, you will not experience any unpleasant surprises: We publish our purchase prices daily updated on our homepage. So you can already inform yourself in advance.

What you can estimate or sell with us free of charge:

How is the purchase price for my parts determined?

Line test to determine the number of carats

In addition to the daily gold rate, we also take into account the actual fine gold content of your pieces when buying them: For example, a piece of jewelry made of 585 gold consists of 58.5% of its total weight of pure gold.

The weighing and the valuation or appraisal of your gold, of course, we do directly in front of you and costs you nothing. Finally, the current exchange rate, the fineness and the weight determine the price for your parts.

Immediate cash incl. purchase receipt

If you decide to sell your gold to Gold & Co. after the free appraisal and valuation, you will of course receive a purchase receipt from us. We pay the money immediately in cash. If you wish, we will also gladly transfer the amount to your account.

Trust the many years of experience of the team around Mag. Hell-Höflinger and sell your gold and silver at high prices to Gold & Co.

Gold purchase at Gold & Co. from all over Austria


You want to buy or sell gold?

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