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Our prices for gold jewellery & silver wear

14 carat gold20,81EUR / g
18 carat gold26,77EUR / g
Scrap silver 9250,33EUR / g


Coins from AustriagramYou receiveYou pay
Vienna Philharmonic 1/1 ounce EUR 31,101.347,551.384,00EUR
Wiener Philharmoniker ATS 1 Unze TOP31,101.347,551.376,60EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/2 ounce EUR 15,55681,50706,50EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/2 ounce shilling 15,55678,15703,10EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/4 ounce EUR 7,78337,60356,90EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/4 ounce shilling 7,78334,90345,10EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/10 ounce EUR 3,11137,90147,80EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/10 ounce shilling TOP3,11137,20147,40EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/25 ounce EUR 1,2456,8568,50EUR
Ducats - 1 (small) TOP3,49148,85157,10EUR
Ducats - 4 (large) 13,96591,95622,40EUR
Österreich Babenberger 1000 OES13,50504,60531,00EUR
Österreich (Gulden) 4 Florin3,22120,35133,00EUR
Österreich (Gulden) 8 Florin6,45238,55258,70EUR

All other coins on request. Contact us now!

gramYou receiveYou pay
maple leaf 1/1 ounce31,101.344,201.383,30EUR
Krügerrand 1 Unze33,931.341,601.372,60EUR
China Panda div. Jahrgänge 1 Unze 31,101.332,101.547,40EUR

BARS - GOOD DELIVERYgramYou receiveYou pay
Gold bar Austrian Mint 1 gTOP1,0043,6555,00EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 2 g2,0086,7099,60EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 5 gTOP5,00215,85230,90EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 10 g10,00432,65453,50EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 20 gTOP20,00864,95892,20EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 50 g50,002.154,402.198,30EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 100 gTOP100,004.291,904.376,90EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 250 gTOP250,0010.762,3010.896,20EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 500 g500,0021.513,8021.756,10EUR
Gold bar Austrian Mint 1000 g1.000,0043.092,5043.523,80EUR
Goldbarren 1g Heraeus1,0041,9552,80EUR
Goldbarren 1g Div. LBMA1,0038,9048,50EUR

We offer gold bars from the following manufacturers: Austrian Mint, Argor Heraeus, C. Hafner. The above mentioned bar prices are valid for bank-tradable bars from the Austrian Mint.

Bar prices from other manufacturers on request!

gramYou receiveYou pay
Die Kronen d. Habsb. / 2012 Die Österreichische Kaiserkrone, € 100 Gold16,22588,15802,70EUR
Die Kronen d. Habsb. / 2011 Die Wenzelkrone Böhmens, € 100 Gold16,22622,70775,00EUR
Die Kronen d. Habsb. / 2010 Stephanskrone von Ungarn, € 100 16,22588,15740,40EUR
Die Kronen d. Habsb. / 2009 Der Österreichische Erzherzogshut, € 100 16,22588,15740,40EUR
Jugenstil / Komplett-Set in schwarz-goldener Jugendstil- Holzbox64,902.602,503.267,00EUR
Klimt 2012-2016 5x € 50 Gold (Komplette Serie)TOP50,701.989,802.703,60EUR
Serie Wildtiere 6 €100 (16g) Gold, in HolzboxTOP96,004.095,355.324,00EUR
100J.Olymp.Bewg. SET/ 1995 Zeus, ATS 1000 Gold+ 2x ATS200 SilberTOP16,97619,15908,60EUR


Silver Coins inkl. diff. taxgramYou receiveYou pay
Silber 5 ATS Österreich 2. Rep.5,201,152,20EUR
Silber 10 ATS Österreich 2. Rep.7,501,703,10EUR
Silber 25 ATS Österreich 2. Rep.13,003,706,70EUR
Silber50 ATS Österreich 1974-1999 2. Rep.20,004,858,20EUR
25 ATS Silber Österreich (800 fein) 2. Rep. 40 Stk. Rolle a`13g/Stk.520,00148,10275,10EUR
50 ATS Österreich 1959-1973 (900 fein) 2. Rep. 40 Stk. Rolle a 20g/Stk.800,00267,25457,70EUR
Silber 50 ATS Österreich 1959-1973 2. Rep.20,006,6511,50EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/1 oz silver (diff.)31,1015,8020,60EUR
Maple Leaf 1/1 oz - diff.31,1015,5019,70EUR

Austrian silver Schillings are purchased by weight, since the value is above the nominal - 5,10,25,50 & 100 Schilling. Also Maria Theresa Thaler, Reichsmark, ATS 1,2,5 First Republic, Crowns etc.

SILVER COINS Prices incl. 20% VAT.gramYou receiveYou pay
V. Philharmonic 1/1 oz silver31,1015,8022,00EUR

BARS - GOOD DELIVERY - SILVER Prices incl. 20% VAT.gramYou receiveYou pay
Silver bar 1000g1.000,00483,15701,90EUR
Silver bar 500g500,00233,95363,20EUR
Silver bar 250g250,00115,70190,80EUR
999,9 DODUCO Deutschland Silberbarren 1000g1.000,00432,30647,00EUR
999,9 DODUCO Deutschland Silberbarren 5000g5.000,002.161,553.170,70EUR

Other sizes of bars on request.

We carry silver bars from the following manufacturers: Argor-Heraeus, Doduco, Heraeus

Prices incl. 20% VAT.gramYou receiveYou pay
Silbermünze "Uriel - Der Lichtengel", Polierte Platte / Proof15,5510,0045,90EUR
Silbermünze "Raphael - Der Heilungsengel", Polierte Platte / Proof15,5510,0045,90EUR
Silbermünze "Gabriel - Der Kraftengel", Polierte Platte / Proof15,5510,0045,90EUR


Platinum products Prices incl. 20% VAT.gramYou receiveYou pay
Vienna Philharmonic 1/1 ounce EUR31,10800,301.061,80EUR
Vienna Philharmonic 1/1 ounce EUR1,2431,8557,80EUR

gramYou receiveYou pay
Vienna Philharmonic 1/1 ounce EURTOP1,2431,8551,40EUR
Anlageplatin 1 OZ - diff.31,10642,80964,30EUR

gramYou receiveYou pay
Niob Komplette Serie 2003-2019 (diff.) TOP0,00850,002.222,00EUR
2019 Künstliche Intelligenz Niob 25€0,0030,0079,90EUR
2018 Antropozän Niob 25€0,0025,0079,90EUR
2017 Der Mikrokosmos Niob 25€TOP0,0025,0082,00EUR
2015 Kosmologie Niob diff.0,0035,0089,00EUR
2013 Tunnelbau, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0025,0060,00EUR
2012 Bionik, €25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0025,0075,00EUR
2011 Robotik, €25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0025,0065,00EUR
2010 Erneuerbare Energie, €25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0035,00145,00EUR
2009 Jahr d. Astronomie, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0025,0099,00EUR
2008 Faszination Licht, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.TOP0,0075,00199,00EUR
2007 Österr. Luftfahrt, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0035,00110,00EUR
2006 Europ. Satellitennavigation, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0025,0079,00EUR
2005 50 J. Fernsehen, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.0,0025,0079,00EUR
2004 150 J. Semmeringbahn, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.TOP0,00100,00290,00EUR
2003 700 J. Stadt Hall in Tirol, € 25 Bimetall Niob diff.TOP0,00130,00499,00EUR

Prices incl. 20% VAT.gramYou receiveYou pay
3 Euro Münze Tier-Taler Komplettset im Album (11 Münzen-letze Münze wird reserviert)16,0070,00540,00EUR

More prices available on Request .

All prices are valid for one unit unless otherwise stated. All price details (gold prices, silver prices, etc.) are subject to change due to fluctuations in the precious metal commodity markets and are adjusted to the latest rates at the point of transaction. Changes in price are to be expected.
* Sale prices are exclusive of 20% VAT (silver, platinum, palladium).
Investment gold bars and bullion coins are exempt from VAT in accordance with § 6 (1) Z 8 of the Value Added Tax Act.
Misprints and errors reserved!

Current daily precious metal prices - gold prices, silver prices etc.

Here you will find an overview of our daily updated prices, for example gold or silver prices, for buying and selling. Contact us if you have any questions about the prices of other products which are not listed here.

We buy gold, silver, etc. for the very best prices

The comparison pays off: Gold & Co. pays prices above the current daily rate for gold, silver, etc. In principle, you can sell anything made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium - with or without stones. Broken gold, dental gold, chains, bracelets, ancestral jewellery, rings, coins, silver, etc. are also gladly welcome. Find out more under „We buy gold in Vienna".

Buying gold makes sense, since: What remains, is gold

Gold is the safest form of investment in the world. Those in possession of gold always have currency and without any loss of value – in contrast to money. Invest in gold coins and bars if you want to lock in value.

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