Buy & Sell Gemstones
At Gold & Co we do not only buy gold, silver and precious metals, with us you can also sell gemstones. Especially large colored stones are not only processed into jewelry, but also traded individually as an investment.
Buy diamonds as an investment?
Along with gold, diamonds are considered one of the most valuable things of all. Diamonds are the crystalline and clear special form of carbon, which was exposed to enormous pressure and high heat in the earth's crust.
What to know when selling gemstones
A golden ring, with a valuable bright red ruby. Even as a child, grandma always told us how valuable the ring and the stone, which she had already inherited from her grandmother. 
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond
In our society, diamonds are considered THE most valuable gemstones of all. But in fact, diamonds are relatively common. Nevertheless, the diamond, together with the color stones emerald, sapphire and ruby belongs to the four major gemstones.